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October WAlkTERS Challenge

By Kai Heslop, Account Executive

Having a healthy mind and body is key to feeling and performing your best, which also means producing the best work possible for our clients. At Waters Agency, we prioritize and value healthy habits. Since our team members work remotely, we encourage everyone to get some sunshine, fresh air and participate in physical activity whenever possible.

In demonstrating our commitment to this end, Waters now has a Wellness Club called ‘Wellness@Waters’, where employees virtually meet for a social hour to catch up with one another while enjoying a pleasant walk in a location of their choice.

Using a platform for tracking physical exercise that incorporates social networking features, Waters team members can log their exercise, see where they fall on the agency leaderboard, and leave encouraging notes for their co-workers as we pursue wellness together.

As we approach World Mental Health Day on October 10, the Waters team is excited to participate in a challenge that supports physical well-being and mental health through movement: the October WAlkTERS Challenge!

The challenge is to walk the same number of miles as there are days in the month of October. Whether this equates to 1 mile each day or 2 miles every other day, team members will aim to have walked, biked, ran, or jogged a total of 31 miles by the end of the month.

The Wellness@Waters club leaderboard is likely to see some stiff competition throughout the month of October as our team embarks on this challenge! How about a little friendly competition with the Waters Agency team—join in on the October challenge? Drop us a quick email here, and we'll add you to our WAltKERS group so you can track your progress on our leaderboard. Happy walking!


About the author:

Kai Heslop, Account Executive, Raleigh, NC. has experience writing PR materials for different types of organizations including technology companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Having received her Master of Science degree in Communication with a specialization in PR, Kai enjoys creatively bringing a client's voice to life when telling their story.



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