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Rise Up: Reflections from Bangkok’s Money 20/20 Conference

Updated: Jun 21

By Hollie Kenney, Chief Financial Officer

Life moves very fast at Waters World. It’s been a few weeks since returning from Bangkok after participating in our agency’s first panel discussion at the Money 20/20 conference. It was also extra special to be at its inaugural event in Bangkok and I traveled in from our Austin HQ with Waters Agency founder, Declan Waters.    


My talk was centered around “Overcoming Setbacks and Having Confidence to Hold Your Head High,” and it was part of the “RiseUp” community, a global program led by Money 20/20 that champions more diversity in the money ecosystem.    


I really enjoyed preparing for this talk as the topic felt recently familiar because, like many agencies, the last couple of years have been challenging. Even for a young and agile PR firm, we faced numerous hurdles that tested our resilience and adaptability. Drawing inspiration from Ryan Holiday's book "The Obstacle Is the Way," we embraced the philosophy that obstacles are not merely hurdles but opportunities for growth and innovation. This mindset shift empowered us to navigate tough times with determination and creativity, ultimately strengthening our team and enhancing our capabilities. As a result, we emerged more resilient and better equipped to service our clients that include market leaders such as Pure Storage, Nasuni and with renewed energy and a never give up attitude that is in the DNA of our outlook in life and work.  


I would like to thank Paul Ark, a Venture Partner at The Radical Fund and Gunjan Kalra, APAC Commercial Bank Head at Citi, for a thoughtful and engaging discussion on the panel! We would also like to extend a thank you to the amazing Money 20/20 team, of which there are too many to mention here, but special thanks to Alma Solera who runs the RiseUp community, Tina Loncaric, Head of Global PR at Money 20/20 and Steve Clark, MD, Money 20/20 EMEA. They were amazing and we were so impressed by the caliber of speakers and volume of delegates for your first conference in the region. Congratulations! 


Overall, the event was a fantastic opportunity to connect with new people, exchange ideas, and celebrate the spirit of perseverance!   


Last but not least, we’re excited to announce that the Waters team will be attending Money 20/20 in Amsterdam from 4-6 June, and we hope to see you there! Drop us an email at if you'd like to meet for a chat.


About the author:

Following 20 years experience as a publisher, Hollie Kenney works on the important work that helps run the agency. As part of the Leadership team, she works closely in the day to day areas as well as recruitment, client contracts, benefits, invoicing, back-end infrastructure and much more.



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