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What we do

Waters Agency is the preferred PR partner for brands shaping the New Data Frontier. Whether that data is structured, unstructured, application or back-up based, behavioral, real-time, and and living in the cloud, on the network or at the edge, we understand the modern technology stacks that make sense of it all. 

Corporate Messaging

Who are you as a company? What do you represent? What’s your vision, mission and reason for being? First, we help you achieve clarity around your value proposition and differentiators. Then, we build out a comprehensive, workable messaging framework to guide your strategy, content and creative, and hone your conversations with media and analysts for maximum impact.

Analyst Relations


Third-party validation from the analyst community is a complex yet essential journey. From brokering initial relationships, to being recognized in industry reports and vendor evaluations, to building a network of advocates — we know how to get you there.

IPOs and Funding

Taking your company public requires intense strategizing, messaging and training, and — most importantly — flawless execution. That’s what we do. The proof? Nutanix — one of the largest, most successful IPOs of 2016. Our guidance and strategy led Tintri and Wix through the complex IPO process, as well. Lean on our highly experienced PR team to ensure your IPO is successful and prosperous.

Video Production


Through close collaboration with our partner, Two River Pictures, we offer impactful visual storytelling that brings your stories to life. From founder profiles and customer testimonials, to chalk talks and product demos, tradeshow content and more — we’ve got the keen eyes and visual sensibility to ensure you make a lasting impression.

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Media Relations


Starting from ground zero? Lean on our long-standing relationships with key media contacts to get started. If you have your own, we’ll develop and nurture them to drive a greater depth of engagement and quality of coverage. You’ll benefit from the experience and savvy of ex-journalists on our staff, and our knack for providing tailored media training that prepares you for meaningful, impactful interviews and interactions.

Content creation

Our content strategists and storytellers know how to bring a story to life.
They apply deep industry knowledge and understanding to create compelling executive bylines and blog posts, tech briefs and whitepapers, and marketing campaigns — content that hooks your audience, pulls them closer and tells your tale of disruption in ways people will remember and want to share.

Community and
Social Media


The customer is shaping your brand image as you read this — and sentiment changes rapidly on social channels. We’ll help you influence the conversation and your customers’ and prospects’ opinions with highly targeted, timely and relevant social content that demands attention and compels your audience to like, share, comment and convert.

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Thought Leadership


Thought leadership is original thinking. It engages, educates and influences your target decision makers. Thought leadership takes time, creativity, experience and credibility – a goal that many executives want and businesses desperately need. Our team of content experts will help move the needle.

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