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So, you’re a senior-only PR team – what’s in it for me?

What is the one luxury that a tech startup cannot afford its PR agency? Why, a prolonged and onerous onboarding process with a steep learning curve, of course. This holds true for all who wear the tech startup cap, whether “startup” refers to a clutch of founders with a nascent but brilliant idea, whose business is poised to launch from stealth, or to a 10-year-old company positioning itself for IPO.

Additionally, in an industry where words and phrases like “agile,” “scalable,” and “rapidly deployable,” describe cherished product attributes, you’d better believe that the innovators behind these disruptive brands expect these same characteristics (and more) from their PR agency.

So where then does one find such a unicorn – a PR agency capable of rapidly onboarding, all the while armed with the ability to swiftly change direction as needed and to scale-up its team capabilities at the drop of a hat? You guessed it, right here. And more to the point, what is it that makes Waters Agency so uniquely capable of effortlessly delivering on these criteria?

We looked to some of the senior people at Waters Agency for answers.

Rapidly deployable, agile, and scalable

“Experience is key to rapid deployment,” explains Declan Waters, founder & CEO. “A team of seasoned B2B tech PR specialists can shift the needle from 0-100 miles per hour in a fraction of the time that it would take a mixed team of mostly junior personnel to get up to speed. This is a critical capability in an industry where today’s disruptors can be yesterday’s news in the time it takes to circle a 24-hour news cycle.”

VP of Content Strategy Simon Marshall, echoes this sentiment: “The benefit of broad and deep experience is an ability to get up to speed rapidly with new technologies and products.”

Indeed, an all-senior-staff model is one of the pillars upon which Waters Agency has built its business and its reputation. The agency is unapologetically senior-only – employing only experienced personnel with proven track records and at least 10-years’ experience in B2B tech PR and/or related fields.

As for agility, VP of Client Experience Tracey-Ann Mee believes experience has a role to play there too. “Senior PR professionals know almost instinctively – often before there are concrete metrics to substantiate their gut feeling – if a campaign will succeed or when things need recalibrating, and with the strength of conviction that comes from experience, feel confident and empowered to quickly make the necessary course corrections. It’s a superpower of sorts,” she explains.

A senior team is also infinitely more scalable when it comes to capabilities. Lauren Curley, COO and SVP of North America elaborates, “The cumulative decades of experience our team members have means they can easily slide into conversations with clients across all levels, and engage in complex planning discussions around market dynamics, competitive threats and opportunities, customer and partner development, in a way that is nuanced and time-tested.”

Senior teams get results

Waters Agency clients will lift their heads momentarily, from sipping that delicious Kool Aid, to nod sagely in agreement at VP of Influencer Marketing and Senior Account Lead Jenna Dobkin’s summation of the benefits of a senior-only team, “Senior PR people have the contacts, know-how and drive to help clients achieve their communications goals.”

Want to learn more about our senior-only-staff model and what it could mean for your business? Email us today.



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