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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, people have relied on digital channels to do just about everything — from banking to shopping to gaming and more. Interactive web and mobile applications make it possible for businesses to capitalize on this trend, and digitally transform to accommodate new operational paradigms with business-critical applications that are interactive and features-rich.

At the heart of many of those applications is Couchbase, a full-featured, multi-model NoSQL database that’s optimized for developing interactive applications.

The company’s enterprise-class NoSQL database offers the robust capabilities required for business-critical applications on a highly scalable and available platform.

Couchbase began working with Waters Agency in March 2019, when they decided that it was time to connect with top-tier media contacts and take awareness of their brand to the next level. We spoke with Christina Knittel, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Couchbase, to hear about her experience with us, and whether we are living up to that promise.

Q. What were you looking for in a PR agency?


Knittel: We had been working with another agency who met our needs when we were at a different level at a different point in our history. But our business was evolving, and we realized we needed a different partner with a different skill set and focus — one who could take us to the next level. Key to our decision was finding an agency who could introduce us to a broader set of journalists.

Q. How did you learn about Waters?


Knittel: Probably a year and a half before I started looking for a new agency, a coworker referred me to Waters Agency. It was an unsolicited referral. He said, “If you’re ever looking for a new agency, you should call Declan Waters.” He sang Declan’s praises. I wasn’t looking for a new agency at the time, but I filed the recommendation away. It means a lot to have a glowing referral from someone I know and trust, so I remembered and put Waters Agency on the list when we started our search.

Q. Why did you choose Waters Agency?


Knittel: They were exactly what we needed at that point in time. We needed scrappiness, and we needed to secure coverage in target publications. Waters had the contacts with all the right journalists, and we had great rapport with the team.

Q. What results have you seen?

Knittel: Waters does an amazing job of raising awareness for our product launches. We’ve been included in multiple articles by TechCrunch, ZDNet, SDTimes, Forbes and Business Insider. And a lot of our thought leadership content has been published in Forbes, The New Stack and VMBlog.

We’ve also secured many awards since partnering with Waters Agency, including the 2020 Tech Ascension Award for Cloud Innovator of the Year, the DBTA 100 Companies that Matter Most in Data, the Deloitte Fast 500, and the Reader’s Choice Awards from Database Trends and Applications for Best In-Memory Solution and Best Database Overall. We were also named among the Bay Area’s Best Places to Work.

Q. Was there a time that Waters Agency really came through for you?

Knittel: We’ve come a long way in a year. One of the first big launches that we did with Waters was our Mobile 2.5 announcement, which was a very strategic announcement for the company in that we wanted to further extend our leadership in mobile and edge. Waters was able to get us in front of TechCrunch, which was huge because we had not spoken to TechCrunch the entire time I’d been at Couchbase. Since our initial introduction, our relationship with them has strengthened. When Waters went to press with the announcement that we’d tied the bow on a $105M Series G round in the midst of the pandemic, TechCrunch was first to put its hand up and run with the news. Business Insider, Fortune and TechTarget soon followed suit.

Additionally, we had a couple of other key announcements this year, including Couchbase Cloud — a Beta announcement and a GA announcement. It’s sometimes challenging to announce both Beta and GA for a product within a few months of each other, but with Waters' help, we were able to do it successfully. They helped us differentiate the Beta from the GA offering enough to garner additional interest.

Q. What sets Waters Agency apart from other firms?


Knittel: Across the board, there’s a willingness among the entire team at Waters to roll up their sleeves and jump in. That's different from other agencies, because in most agencies, people’s roles are set. The swimlanes are so segmented that there's no crossover. With Waters, it’s “all hands on deck” whenever we need it.

Q. How do you see your engagement with Waters Agency moving forward?


Knittel: We are extremely satisfied with our engagement and plan to continue our momentum with Waters throughout the year. We hope to enlist their help with additional services, as budget permits.

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