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Client spotlight:
Confluera XDR Is Changing Cyber Security Market, Thanks Waters Agency for all the successful launches.

In May, 2019, Confluera reached out to Waters Agency for guidance assistance with raising brand awareness and visibility as they emerged from stealth mode. We recently had the opportunity to speak with Vice President of Sales, Mukesh Singh, about his engagement with our firm and the results he’s seen.

Q. What’s different about Confluera’s cyber security solution?


Our patented technology does something radically different than anything else on the market today. We are able to address attacks and breaches in real time, and shut them down before they cause any damage. We started off working with small and medium sized customers, but our value proposition is so unique that we’ve gained traction in the enterprises market as well. Our largest customer today is the U.S. Air Force.

Q. When did you begin working with Waters, and what services do they provide for Confluera?


When I joined the company in May, 2019, Confluera was already engaged with Waters Agency. We were still in stealth mode at the time. They set up press briefings, write our releases and help drive customers and analysts to our events to give us greater exposure.

Waters also assisted us with preparing for the company launch and for our first trade show, Black Hat 2019. They worked to ensure we were getting proper visibility with the analyst community, and that our CEO had the opportunity to talk about Confluera and the problems our technology solves.

Q. What do you like best about working with Waters Agency?


Declan’s English accent! All joking aside, whenever we need the team’s help, they’re extremely responsive. We have weekly calls with the Waters team and they come to us with suggestions about where we can contribute content, what events we should attend or speak at, and what webinars to participate in. Instead of going out and having to hunt for things to do to raise visibility for Confluera, Waters lays the groundwork for us. They’ll even brainstorm topics for contributed articles and assist with the writing. As I run sales, their work is of tremendous value to me personally as well as to the company, because it allows me to keep my focus on our customers and allocate my time to selling our product.

Q. What do you think sets Waters Agency apart from other agencies?

I really value their professionalism. They take initiative and bring great ideas to the table. I don’t have to manage or keep hounding them for updates and results because they are proactive. It’s like the Nike Swoosh — they just do it!

Q. What results have you seen so far?

We’ve had great results and coverage. For example, Waters secured a slot on CNBC Squawk Alley for Abhijit Ghosh, our CEO, and John Thompson, one of our key investors and Chairman of the Board at MSFT. Our funding stories were picked up by VentureBeat, Silicon Valley Business Journal and Crunchbase, as well.

Q. Is there a particular example that you can cite where Waters Agency really came through for you?

The biggest win was our customer event at RSA Conference 2020 earlier in the year. With COVID-19 starting to become an issue, we weren’t sure that we were going to the conference, or whether we’d be able to host a customer event. We decided to move forward with one very late in the game, but most of the restaurants near the conference were already booked. Waters was able to find a diamond in the ruff — a great venue to host a large group of people for dinner.

Planning was fast and efficient, and they thought of everything. It was attended by two of our lead investors, as well as the Chairman of the Board at Microsoft and the former CEO for Palo Alto Networks. They invited analysts to the event, as well. All in all, about 70 people attended — customers, partners, investors and analysts — to learn more and write about what Confluera was doing as a company. What they managed to do for us in such a short period of time was nothing short of spectacular.

Q. How do you see your engagement with Waters Agency, moving forward?

It has been tremendous working with Waters Agency, and we plan to forge ahead. Their all-senior team of professionals and global reach are key differentiators, and Waters is exactly the agency we need as we start to grow and expand our reach.

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