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Client spotlight:
Fraud Detection Leader DataVisor Increases Global Share of Voice.

Never before has digital fraud detection and prevention been more essential, as people flood online commerce and entertainment platforms to attain essentials and fill their time while sheltering in place. Fraudsters are ruthless and increasingly sophisticated in their tactics as they attempt to exploit the crisis and wreak financial havoc on consumers and organizations.

DataVisor is leading the charge against cybercriminals with disruptive, AI-powered fraud and risk management solutions, and Waters Agency is working diligently to raise awareness for their mission and revolutionary products. We recently spoke with DataVisor’s VP and Head of Marketing, Priya Rajan, about her goals for the company and how Waters Agency is helping her achieve them.

Q. When did you start working with Waters?


Rajan: We started working with Waters Agency in 2018, when I first came to DataVisor. Prior to my joining the company, the marketing team had worked with several firms, but all of them had been unsuccessful in garnering the coverage we needed. They were not able to tell our story in a meaningful way that would set us apart from the other fraud and risk solutions on the market. They just weren’t getting it.

Declan Waters and I had worked together at Nutanix, and I watched him lead a high-performing group there, taking the company through its IPO. He had a track record of credibility and an amazing work ethic to drive and raise the bar. So, it was an easy choice to hire Waters Agency-- they had the drive, energy and passion other firms were missing. We wanted a firm that could redefine how we think about things and innovate in the PR space, just the way we’re innovating in the fraud and risk management space.

Q. What services does Waters provide DataVisor?


Rajan: They provide a full range of services, including PR and content creation, social media, and pitching for speaking engagements and awards.

Q. What results have you seen?


Rajan: One of our biggest asks was brand awareness and media coverage. Waters was able to secure placement for us in Tier 1 journals, including Forbes and VentureBeat. Our CEO, Yinglian Xi, now writes for the Forbes Technology Council on a monthly basis. We’ve also been able to secure global coverage: In the summer of last year, we had a huge launch in Europe, and Waters got us into the Sunday Times, a top-tier publication there. And in support of our launch in Singapore in May this year, Waters secured us a premium time slot on Channel Asia TV. Waters Agency has always delivered on our growth strategies, and our share of voice has doubled or tripled since we started working with them.

Q. What do you like most about working with Waters Agency?


Rajan: They’re very collaborative and open-minded, and they’re highly motivated to make clients successful. They have innovative, out-of-the-box ideas, and they’re fun to work with. They're as invested in our success as we are.

Q. What sets Waters Agency apart from other PR agencies?


Rajan: The biggest thing that sets them apart from other agencies is that I can trust them to deliver what they promise. In prior agencies I’ve worked with, that usually isn’t the case. There’s a very high level of commitment from all players on our account. Every team member is senior-level, which makes a big difference in terms of results. Plus, they don’t treat us as a client; they work with us as an extension of our internal PR team and marketing team, and they’re equally vested in our success.

Q. How do you see your engagement with Waters Agency moving forward?


Rajan: In the future, we definitely want to increase our engagement levels with Waters, particularly in the area of contributed bylines and other content. We hope to engage with them in running full, end-to-end campaigns.

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